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Regulations & Fire Extinguishers

Be aware that burning permits are required for any burning of trash, grass, brush, etc. These regulations are strictly enforced by the DNR and other law enforcement. Be fine, don't get fined, obtain a permit and follow the rules. Your insurance coverage may be at stake.

Are you unsure about the requirements for safely using wood or other solid fuels? Would you like information on the proper installation requirements such as wall clearances and more? You may pick up a copy of Fire Safety in Solid Fuel Burning Systems at our office.

Fire extinguishers, surge protectors and water leakage warning devices are available to our policyholders for purchase from the Albany office at reasonable prices. We have extinguishers in 10 lb., 5 lb., and 2.5 lb. sizes.

Annual Meeting

The 129th annual meeting of Albany Mutual Insurance Company will be March 11. 2024 at Shady’s Hometown Tavern & Events Center in Albany, beginning at 11:30 a.m with lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I live in Avon and I have insurance with your company. But I am buying a cabin outside your sales territory. Will I have to find a company close to my cabin for insurance?
    No, as long as you maintain your residence in our sales territory, we may be able to write your cabin with us as well.
  2. I bought a home in the country like I always wanted. But now my insurance company raised my rates. They say it's because I'm too far from a fire department and I don't have city water. Is there help for this?
    Yes, our company has reasonable rates that take into consideration all distances to the fire department as one rate.
  3. I live in St. Paul and I've bought a summer place in Little Falls. I see it's in your territory, but can you insure my summer place, since I don't live in your territory?
    Even though your main residence is not in our sales territory, we may be able to write your summer place on a new policy.
  4. I have fire and wind insurance with your company on a homeowner's package. But now a different agent tells me I can save a bundle by buying it and my auto insurance from his big company. What do you think?
    We write a homeowner's package policy that also can provide credits for having your home and auto together with one company.
  5. I am buying an older home and I want to completely renovate it before I move in. I would redo the plumbing and electrical as we will have a lot of new appliances and I will be knocking down the old plaster anyway. The house has new steel siding and windows, but the roofing is pretty bad. The roof could wait, but would I save anything on insurance by doing it now?
    Some associate companies give a credit for complete renovations that return a home to “near-new” condition. But you'd have to talk to an agent to find out what you'd have to do to qualify for a credit if one is available.
  6. I hear there is a lot of difference between the farm rates of different mutual fire insurance companies. How does your company compare with others in your area?
    According to the 2013 ratings from the Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies, Albany Mutual’s rates were lower than many in its class size and district size.
  7. When you're talking insurance it's all Greek to me. Are there any agents who will explain what I need and tell me how much to buy?
    Absolutely! Most agents will give you advice on what they feel you need and will explain insurance language in “plain English”. But the final decision on coverage is yours.
  8. I'm retiring and I'm trying to decide whether to build a new home or buy an older home of the same value. Is there an insurance cost advantage in either one?
    There may be an advantage in a new home, as almost all companies offer new home credits. But these decline on a yearly basis, so the rates may eventually be the same if other variables are equal.

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