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Why buy insurance from a mutual company?
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 When you buy insurance from a mutual insurance company you become a part owner of that company, with a voice in how the company operates.

 Mutual insurance companies are owned by their policy holders who elect members of their communities as officers and board members. That gives every policyholder a voice in the function of the company.

 You are dealing with people near you rather than in a skyscraper in a large city. That means you will get consideration on claims as a neighbor - not a number.

While small mutuals cannot provide for every insurance need, we do package insurance to protect from nearly every peril that threatens home and property. Included are: fire, storm, theft, vandalism, collision and overturn, building collapse, liability, water damage (other than flooding), livestock electrocution or drowning and many other perils.

 Because the insurance industry has become more efficient in recent years, you will find that most of our affiliated agencies can now provide "one stop shopping" for most of your insurance needs, such as auto, life, disability and health. This usually reduces both time and dollars being spent by you.

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